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Polyester Mesh Fabric Like Poly-Mesh, Nylon-Mesh fabric is woven for breathability with support where heavy wear is needed.
Nylon Mesh Fabric Athletic wear requires breathability for athletic comfort and this light-weight, 100% Polyester-Mesh fabric provides very serviceable support excellent color-fast characteristics. Machine wash and hand dry with no shrinkage. CLICK HERE for Kids' style, sizes 2-16.
Almack Crepe with Wicking & Antimicrobial finishing. Almack Crepe with WICKING and ANTIMICROBIAL finishing. Rugged, hard-working garments often need extra protection from the environment and a host of microbial pests. Almack Liners’ For garments that require heavy-duty wear in all kinds of settings, Almack Liners manufactures apparel solutions.
Nylon Tricot Nylon Tricot (100% Polyester). This blended fabric repels water, soft to the touch, comfortable and durable. Machine washable, durable (UV protected), hang dry and color fast for easy maintenance. CLICK HERE for Kids' style sizes 2-16.